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Early Reviews for Old Scores: "Exciting!" "Impressive!"

   Here are early reviews from readers. Send your own reviews or comments by email, or, alternatively, comment on the blog.
   "I loved it and found it exciting and did not want to stop reading until finished. I (felt) like I (was) reading from a Lee Childs or Phillip Margolin novel." - Denis Commette

   "If you like action, suspense, romance, flying, sailing and have ever had anything to do with the military, you would enjoy this fast paced book. " - S.S. Harper 

   "I became immediately engrossed and basically  put it down only to eat and sleep until I was finished. I was impressed!  Old Scores is a fast paced romance thriller much in the genre of  John D. McDonald's "Travis McGee" series of the fifties. I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to many exciting sequels." - Graham Kerr

   "Who wouldn't enjoy a well written novel involving romantic mystery and martial arts? Really vicious bad guys (who) deal drugs, tote military grade weapons, and murder innocents. Throw in the semi-recluse, semi-retired, sailor and agent, Jake Driver, and the pot and plot boil over. A great first novel. Good job." - Bill Yancey

      "This book was a very enjoyable read. Fast-paced action and interesting characters. A great story for a rainy weekend or vacation reading at the beach. The story's got a lot to like......strong 'good guys', evil 'bad guys,' beautiful women, government agents, drug lords, etc. Most of the action takes place in coastal South Carolina, and it's clear the author has spent a great deal of time there himself.
      A great, fun first novel which introduces Jake Driver. I'm already looking forward to Jake's next adventure!" - Frank Labrador

      "Slimy characters meet flag-waving patriots aimed at ridding the area of threats that could destroy the peace and calm of the coastal community. Along the way, Jake--the man of many talents--finds a way to string along women (plural) which leads to a surprise discovery for him and the other characters.
      Characters with depth and a storyline that is action packed with details, suspense, vivid scenes and possible flashbacks, Old Scores delivers solid page-turning excitement.
     Very much looking forward to the next in the series, Old School coming soon...we hope!" - Carl E. Hinke

      "Without giving too much away this book is a very satisfying read with a lot of action. The author has put a lot of description in the book of the area and the other characters and so we actually feel we are there and part of all that is going on. And there is much going on !" - Ildi Garay

Old Scores is currently only available as an eBook, so readers will need a computer, Kindle or other eBook reader. Amazon offers free eBook reader software for almost any type of computer or phone. Follow the link. Reading digital books this way is the future, maybe Old Scores can be your reason to start.