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Jake Driver

Jake running on Palm Beach
   Sometime federal agent Jake Driver is a lifelong bachelor, self-described boat bum and romance novelist. He fell into writing as a portable creative outlet which could support his sailing lifestyle and golf habit.
He has published twelve novels. the most well known of his works is the Midshipman's Lover, which was made into a TV movie. His books are known for somewhat racy sex scenes.
Each year he sails his boat from the Caribbean up the coast of the US, writing and playing golf. He does not carry a golf handicap but plays to scratch. 
Jake's sailboat, Nelevonkiel
After graduating from West Point he served two tours in combat.  The second ended with serious wounds which eventually led Jake to an early medical retirement.  Over the course of two years he rehabilitated his body with martial arts training and became a fitness fanatic. He went on to perform a number of covert missions as an independent contractor for the NSA, DIA, CIA and others. His martial arts and weapons skills are legendary. Homeland Security currently lists Jake as an active Federal Air Marshall on a leave of absence.