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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Lips held on, as hands began to explore" - Excerpt from Old Scores

Old Scores – A Thriller with More Than a Touch of Romance

“Come on then. I’ll ride with you and walk back,” he said. He slipped on his jacket and escorted Darla out the door amid hugs and kisses for Sarah and Alex.
“You are playing with fire, my boy,” Alex warned him in a whisper.
 It only took a minute for Darla to drive the little Focus back to her apartment at the southern end of Pigeon Point Road. Darla parked in front, then leaned over to him, took his face into both of her hands and sweetly and softly kissed him on the lips. The kiss lingered and built in intensity. Moments later lips crushed together with hot aching passion and dancing tongues. His hands found Darla’s waist and pulled her toward him.
Whoever designed the front seats of the Ford Focus didn’t have passion between two full-sized adults in mind. An intrusive console separated the bucket seats.
His assistance and her flexibility allowed Darla to slide out from under the steering wheel, across the console, and onto his lap to straddle his waist. During the entire operation, their lips never parted. Darla gripped her fingers behind his neck and pressed her mouth to his, parting her lips wide, taking his tongue deep into her mouth. Lips held on, as hands began to explore. Darla dug her nails into his chest. He ran his hands across the strong muscles of her back and untucked her blouse from the confines of her skirt, finding her bare skin with his fingers. He ran his hands up and down her body marveling at her strength, and the slimness of her waist. Then he grasped her full breasts from outside her bra. Darla tore her lips from his, and in one quick motion reached and unclasped the bra. It magically disappeared out one sleeve of her blouse, leaving her breasts free, cupped in his palms. She moaned in pleasure and rubbed against him. Again, his lips found hers and their tongues danced. The pressure on just the right body parts became intense. His hands left her breasts and ran up her thighs under her skirt, pulling her tighter against him.

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